Customer Preparation

Merone Plumbing Heating & Cooling Customer Preparation Emergency Checklist

When you have an emergency, it will help us to solve your problems quickly and efficiently if you have answers to the following questions. This way we can go straight to the problem and have everything running properly again. Here are some questions we’ll need answers to in order to help you best with your plumbing emergency.

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1. Does your water come from town water or a private well?

Not sure? Here is how to know:

A pump and a tank in your basement will mean you have a well.
If you have a monthly water bill with a water meter on your house, then you are using town water.

If you have a well:

Are your pump and tank in the basement?
Do you not see your pump and tank anywhere?

2. Are you on a sewer system or septic?

Here’s how to know:

Town sewers have a monthly bill
Septic requires pumping regularly

3. Where does your hot water come from?

a. A tank that is your water heater

b. If it is in a separate heater, does the energy come from oil, gas, electric or from the boiler?

c. There isn’t a tank, which means you might get your water heat from a boiler coil.

4. What type of heating system do you have in your home?

a. Oil or Gas

b. Boiler with Radiators

c. Boiler with hot water baseboard

d. Steam with Radiators


There are rusty bolts inside the tank or ther rubber seals are not in good condition, comes off black when you touch near flush valve.

You hear water running in the tank or elsewhere in the toilet

The valves to shut off the toilet are corroded

Toilet wobbles

Kitchen Sink

Check the condition of the faucet, is it rusted or broken?

If you have a garbage disposal, do you notice rust inside? This will cause it to not work properly.

Are the drains leaking?  You can fill the sink, then drain it to check for leaks.

Washing Machine Are there any leaks from the hoses near the machine?

Is the drain to the machine backed up?

Are the hoses old to the machine? Do they look black?

Shower and Bathtub

Does your shower or bath drain out normally or is it slow?

Are the knobs in good working condition?

Do you see drips coming from the handles, knobs, shower head, faucet?


Are your drains working?

Are the drains full of leaves?

Any drips from your outside faucets?

Make sure the shut – off valve box is in the yard